Monthly Creativity Circle

It's times like these that we most need to feel our humanity. To be human is to be in community. To be human is to create. Our art, our words, our music, our dance - it all brings us hope and inspiration. And we need that more than ever.

If you've been setting aside your creativity, failing to make space for it like I have, it's time to stop. We need you. And how lucky we are to have the internet to connect and create and share in these times of social distancing.

Join me in creating sacred space for your unique creation. We will join in community for connection, support, and accountability.

What is it?

The Creativity Circle will open once a month. Together we will enter our own sacred space and provide an opening for our souls to come forth. It is my gift to you.

Enter the Circle and enjoy:

  • Sacred space to honor your soul's expression
  • Accountability to create space for yourself
  • Supportive sisterhood
  • Inspiring prompts

The Creativity Circle will meet every 4 weeks.

Tuesday Aug 18th, 10am PST

More dates pending

What can you expect?

We meet over Zoom every month. During our circles we will:

  • Open the space and greet each other
  • I will lead us in a visualization and share prompts to guide our creativity
  • We will mute video & audio for 20-30 minutes of open space for creation (with a break in the middle)
  • We will reconvene for optional sharing time & closing the space

Why does this matter to me?

Writing has been key in my own unfolding. What started as a blog evolved into becoming a coach. Then, I lost touch with my writing. Yes, I wrote blog posts and social media posts and website copy, but I lost touch with that creative spark in me that wrote solely for self-expression. I now have a place I visit at least once per week that I call my writing temple. You can read more about my temple HERE. In this place, I give space for my creativity and self-expression. And I want to open this space to you.

What’s in it for you?

I long to see women coming together to support and encourage one another in showing up and expressing their full selves. It is my belief that every voice matters and that every voice is truly needed in this world. I look forward to seeing us all unfold in The Creativity Circle.

 I hope you join us and experience a deeper connection to yourself and to other women. I wish for you to connect with that deeper voice and all it has to share with you and the world.

About Me.

I am a life coach for good girls and people pleasers.  I am dedicated to helping them know, trust, and courageously share their voices. To feel secure in their ability to express their desires, needs, and beliefs. I believe that when women express their truest selves, our voices can create radical positive change in the world.


What do I need?

Zoom. An internet connection. Yourself and what you need to create. You may also desire to bring a candle and/or some music to set your space. What would make it feel most sacred to you?

Do I have to write?

No! Perhaps you long to express yourself through music, dance, painting, fiber arts, etc. Bring your supplies, there is space for you too.

What if I'm not creative?

Everyone is creative. How do you long to express yourself? Everyone can journal. Everyone can move their body. Pick something.  You can even do something different next month!

Will it be recorded?

No. To take part you must join live.